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  • Bently Nevada 3500/42M

  • Bently Nevada 3500/42M

  • Bently Nevada 3500/42M

Bently Nevada 3500/42M


Warranty: 12 months

Lead Time:3-day working day     

Price: Please contact us  

Shipping Port: Xiamen, China        


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Bently Nevada 3500/42M Proximitor*/Seismic Monitor 

Product information:

Brand: Bently Nevada                              Model number:3500/42M

Condition:new                              Warranty: 12 month

Lead Time:3-day working da        Country of origin: United States

Price: Please contact us                   Product weight:0.145kg

HS: 8517623990

Product technial information:


The 3500/42M Proximitor/Seismic Monitor is a 4-channel monitor that accepts 

input from proximity and seismic transducers, conditions the signal to provide 

various vibrations and position measurements, and compares the conditioned 

signals with user-programmable alarms. The user can program each channel of 

the 3500/42M using the 3500 Rack Configuration Software to perform any of the 

following functions: 

• Radial Vibration 

• Thrust Position 

• Differential Expansion 

• Eccentricity 


• Acceleration 

• Velocity 

• Shaft Absolute 

• Circular Acceptance Region

The primary purpose of the 3500/42M monitor is to provide: 

1. Machinery protection by continuously comparing monitored parameters 

against configured alarm setpoints to drive alarms. 

2. Essential machine information for both operations and maintenance 


Each channel, depending on configuration, typically conditions its input signal to 

generate various parameters called “static values”. The user can configure Alert 

setpoints for each active static value and Danger setpoints for any two of the 

active static values. 

The 3500/42M Module requires 

the following (or later) firmware, 

and software revisions: 

3500/01 Software – Version 2.50 

3500/02 Software – Version 2.20 

3500/03 Software – Version 1.21 

External Termination Blocks 

cannot be used with Internal 

Termination I/O Modules. 

When ordering I/O Modules with 

External Terminations the 

External Termination Blocks and 

Cable must be ordered separately 

for each I/O Module. 

Bussed External Termination 

Blocks are to be used with TMR 

I/O Modules only. 

Delivery information:

Shipping Port: Xiamen, China

Payment: Bank of Chicago, Bank of Singapore

Transport: In Stock Ready for Shipment via DHL, TNT, FEDEX, UPS, ARAMEX and etc

Express cooperation: fedex, DHL, UPS and your express account 

Service: Professional Sales provides 24 hours /7 days online service

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