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Open innovation, prosperous ecology, Schneider Electric debuts at BRICS 2023 with innovative ecological partners

Nov. 18, 2023

Xiamen, China, November 17, 2023 - Recently, the 2023 BRICS New Industrial Revolution Exhibition (hereinafter (referred to as "BRICS Exhibition") opened grandly at the Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center. In the first innovation zone, Schneider Electric, a global digital transformation expert in the field of energy management and automation, showed up with 16 innovative ecological partners under the theme of "Co-creating an Ecosystem and Building an Industrial Dream", fully demonstrating green and intelligent manufacturing innovation. Excellent joint creation solutions and innovative results of Winning Plan and digital partners.


Pang Xingjian, senior vice president of Schneider Electric and head of the industrial automation business in China, said: "The 2023 BRICS New Industrial Revolution Exhibition is based on the high-end, intelligent, and green development of the BRICS manufacturing industry and serves as a platform for the industrial transformation and upgrading of various countries. It is a shared platform for sharing advanced experience and displaying cooperation results. It is an important carrier for expanding international exchanges and cooperation, stimulating innovation vitality, and building an open industrial ecosystem. Relying on this high-standard and high-level international exchange and cooperation exhibition, Schneider Electric and Innovation Ecosystem Together with our partners, we will conduct in-depth docking with industrial partners from various countries, share opportunities and solve problems in the collision and excitement of innovation, talk together, create together, and achieve win-win results, so as to inject new momentum into the high-quality and sustainable development of the industry."

Focus on five major dimensions to demonstrate innovation and implementation results

In the innovation exhibition area, Schneider Electric and innovation ecosystem partners jointly demonstrated the latest joint innovation results and implementation practices in the fields of industrial Internet of Things + artificial intelligence, digital twins, network security, industrial digital software and digital carbon management.


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