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Rockwell Automation appeared at the 2024 China Automation + Digital Industry Annual Conference and won two awards in the field of automation innovation

Mar. 16, 2024

Yesterday, as one of the world's leading companies in the fields of industrial automation, informatization and digital transformation, Rockwell Automation (NYSE: ROK) was invited to attend the 2024 China Automation + Digital Industry Annual Conference (hereinafter referred to as "2024 CAIMRS"). During the conference, Shi An, President of Rockwell Automation (China) Co., Ltd., and Li Dong, Director of the Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Research Institute of Rockwell Automation (China) Co., Ltd., delivered keynote speeches respectively, sharing how to break through the industry and sustainable development. insights. At the 22nd Annual Automation and Digitalization Awards Ceremony held that night, Rockwell’s PowerFlex 755TS inverter and FactoryTalk® Optix™ intelligent fully connected-visualization platform won the two major categories of the "Automation Innovation Award" respectively. Award winning.


Flexible customization opens up new blue ocean business opportunities

According to data from China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, in 2023, the overall scale of China's manufacturing industry will rank first in the world for 14 consecutive years. At the same time, the industry is moving towards "newness". With the support of accelerating digital technology, the industrial structure continues to be optimized and moves towards high-end, intelligent and green. In this process, more and more upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain have begun to focus on how to anchor forward goals and seek ways to break the situation. At the 2024 CAIMRS main forum, Shi An, President of Rockwell Automation (China) Co., Ltd., delivered a speech on the theme of "Clearing the Clouds and Seeing the Sun, Flexible Customization Opens a New Blue Ocean", pointing out that manufacturing companies are facing increasingly important personalization factors in the market. , should focus on achieving the deep integration of flexible production and flexible management. Enterprises should not only rely on science and technology such as artificial intelligence and big data on the demand side to gain insight into consumers' in-depth needs, but also realize their own intelligent, personalized and customized upgrades on the supply side through flexible manufacturing to quickly respond to market demand and revitalize existing products. Assets, thereby realizing the integration and docking of supply and demand, and breaking down barriers with consumers. Flexible upgrades will effectively promote the transformation of enterprises from the traditional "production-based sales" and "homogeneous" large-scale manufacturing model to a "demand-driven" "multi-product, agile" customized production model, and drive the industrial chain Flexible development, and ultimately open up new blue ocean opportunities with disruptive innovation in the entire industry model.

"Intelligent flexibility, as a key entry point to quickly respond to users' customized needs, can help companies have the strength to adapt to different market environments, thereby better coping with global competition and exploring business opportunities." Shi An said, "Rockwell, as a manufacturer The chain owner of the sex service industry is committed to giving full play to the horizontal integration capabilities rooted in its DNA, deeply empowering upstream and downstream partners in the industry chain around the entire life cycle, helping them achieve quantitative and qualitative changes in open source, and expand a steady stream of blue ocean opportunities." , Rockwell is actively sharing its digital, flexible, and green transformation experience covering various industries through platforms such as the Caohejing Rockwell Automation Net Zero Intelligent Manufacturing Joint Innovation Center, and promoting more companies to use cross-border innovation Shape value and realize the industrialization process and commercial expansion of scientific and technological innovation achievements.

Technological evolution lays the foundation for the realization of intelligent flexibility. Rockwell has always focused on product innovation, upgrades and practical applications, providing customers with a powerful engine to achieve automation and digital transformation, and has been widely recognized. At the 22nd Automation and Digitalization Annual Selection and Awards Ceremony held on the night of the conference, the PowerFlex 755TS inverter launched by Rockwell, as the first six-pulse inverter using TotalFORCE technology, won the "Automation Innovation Award - Drive and "Executive Category" award. In addition, the new generation FactoryTalk® Optix™ visualization platform won the "Automation Innovation Award - Control Category". This solution improves development processes, efficiency and deliverables, taking HMI development collaboration, flexible deployment, scalability and interoperability to new levels.


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